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The insulating value of a cellular shade. The captivating beauty of a custom designed shade.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 12:58am | Color, Trends

PERSONA design has come to the cellular shade product category.  Those ten little words, so short, yet so powerful.

Cellular shades, cell shades, honeycomb shades, insulating shades. They are called all those things, and depending on where you currently reside while reading this, you may be more familiar with one name than another. However, they are all the same and conjure up the same staid image: a white or off white shade performing a function in the window. Practical, functional and yes, necessary, yet oh so boring.

Sit tight! The door has just been blown off the world of tried and true cellular shades.

PERSONA custom designed shades have birthed a new life to the world of hard window coverings. Blending the magic of one of a kind design with the functionality of blinds and shades, PERSONA is unlike anything else available in the market today. We first saw it launched on roller and roman shades. The infinite world of custom design was expanded via the custom graphics program. PERSONA then entered the world of panel track shades. And now, we find it coming to rest in the world of cellular shades.

Imagine a cellular shade that you design yourself.

Imagine a cellular shade embracing the world of color and design.

Imagine a cellular shade that is no longer an object of boring functionality but now a statement of beauty.

Imagine a cellular shade that is a reflection of your very own style PERSONA.

That world is now here.

PERSONA cellular shades are available in ½” and ¾” cell sizes in either light filtering or blackout fabrics. Choose from stunning designs already colored in ways you’re sure to enjoy or pick a design “template” and recolor it using the PERSONA DYO color palette.

As with all PERSONA products, the beauty is that you can design and view it all online. Click here to check it out now.

PERSONA Cellular Shades. What will be next?


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