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In search of sleep…

Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 9:19pm | Color, Custom Printed Graphics

We’ve all had those nights.  The tossing and turning, watching the minutes turn into hours. Dreading the long and tired day ahead. “Why can’t I sleep?” we groan. Insomnia is misery.

In search of sleep, people will try many different things. One of the best things is to make it dark! Dark and quiet. I can’t sleep with the day glow street light shining into my room, or the neighbor’s wretched dog barking. I’m even affected by traffic noise, that irritating whoosh of cars driving by. That’s why I was so excited about SlumberShades. These shades make the room black, black as night! And quiet. They’re simple, and easy to use, and really quite sleek. When I close those babies at night, the room is like a chamber, a perfect, soothing, calming oasis for blissful sleep.

The other reason I love these SlumberShades is the design potential. Not only do they make the room dark, but because I can custom print anything on them, I can create the perfect sleep setting ambience inside my bedroom as well. Whether you like florals, stripes, squares or something altogether different, you can find it and have it.

Check them out here on this little video: 

In search of sleep no longer. Sleep is now found.


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