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Custom Roller Shades for your Budding Designer

Monday, March 7, 2011 at 7:15pm | Uncategorized

Expression! There may be no group more aptly tuned to self expression than our teens and pre teens. In their struggle to figure out who they are, they express themselves through their clothes, hair, body accessories, make up and now more than ever, their room décor. 

If you have one of these wonderful creatures in your home, you may frequently find yourself faced with a request for something you find outlandish. One area where you can willingly acquiesce, doing so without that inner cringe, is in their window treatments.

Design your own technology has created a new world for custom window treatments. Your young teen can now express her heart’s desires on a roller shade or roman shade, and you can let her do it, resting easy in the knowledge that those shades can be easily replaced in a few years when that style that she just has to have today is frowned upon and disdained tomorrow.  

PERSONA custom roller shades tap into your teen’s desire for self expression by putting her into the control seat, making her the designer. We’ve done the hard work, developing a collection of trendy patterns; she gets to do the fun part. Using our designs and a palette of more than 800 solid colors, she can mix and match until she’s redesigned the pattern to suit her taste, that perfect expression of “me”. If it’s not quite perfect, she can print any image on a shade through the Custom Graphics Program, be it a favorite photo or her own piece of artwork.

Let her express herself. Check out our latest designs today. Bright, lively, playful and fun, they’re just what you (and she) are looking for.


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