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Rental Therapy via Custom Printed Roller Shades

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 3:39pm | Color, Custom Printed Graphics

It seems that nearly everyone I know is in a state of flux these days. While the reasons vary, there is one constant I repeatedly encounter: home status. We are no longer home owners. At least for this moment in time, we are home renters. I’ll be the first to admit there are some benefits to renting. When my roof recently began leaking during a pounding rainstorm, rather than get distraught I said, “Landord’s not going to enjoy hearing about that.”  However, let’s face it. I love color. I love decorating.  And renting and decorating? Well, they don’t always mix.

I moved into this charming little house not too long ago. Wandering around its bare white walls and its emptiness, I wistfully thought of the things I would do “if only this place were mine.” I could totally see it. What a jazzy little home this could be with the right colors, the right touch! However, it is a rental. And any change I make, I’m going to have to change back some day when I move out. There you have it: The renter’s dilemma.

For whatever period of time I live here, my house must be a home. And for me, home must have color. I mulled over this decorating conundrum for a while. Bought some throw pillows, an accent rug, moved furniture and then moved it again. With each change, I’d step back, assess and think “better, but still flat”. It was still missing that certain something. I wanted more. Oh what’s a girl in a rented space to do?

…custom printed shades to the rescue!

In my search for reversible home décor, I stumbled upon these marvelous little creations called custom printed roller shades. Okay, maybe I can’t paint my walls that glorious rich color I long for, but with these shades, I can have my windows make a statement! You wont walk into my house and notice the wall color, but you will walk into my home and say “Wow!”.  And the best part? There’s nothing to “return to original state” when I leave. Ah, rental therapy for the home decorator at heart.

It took a little time, but I found what I wanted. My windows no longer wear shades that are dull and non-descript. My windows are now fabulous, dynamic pieces of abstract art. They shift and change with atmosphere outside. They reflect the temperature of the world and adjust the interior of my home. The particular piece I choose incorporates musical instruments and lots of bold, bright colors. Nothing could be more perfect…for me!

Come into my home. See for yourself. You’ll say “wow”.

I love these shades so much I may never leave…well, that’s a stretch. But I may very well take them with me when I go.

E. Martelly, Costa Mesa, California


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