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I See It Everywhere: Oversized Nailhead Trim

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at 8:46pm | Trends

I follow trends. I do. Rarely do I adopt them, but I  take note and every once in a while something comes along that I just fall in love with. That every once in a while is now! Lately I’ve been noticing the increasing use of antique styled oversized nailheads as a decorative edge or border. This trend is strong and growing. You’ve seen it too. I guarantee it.
Metropole Chair from Crate and Barrel

Metropole Chair from Crate and Barrel

Calais Chair pottery Barn

Calais Chair with Nailhead Trim from Pottery Barn

Let’s explore. Consider these chairs. Look at that trim edge. It’s solid and beautiful at the same time. I love the transition of a generations-old functional style into a decorative accent design element. Almost without fail, every time I see this trend, the old world nail head is used in conjunction with modern, contemporary fabrics: velvet, white leather, structural canvases. There is something so sumptuous about this blend of old and new worlds. You want to dive right into it. It’s delightful.You’ve seen this, haven’t you? I know you have.What is it about this trend? Take the nailhead trim away and you have a droll, boring chair that borders on stuffiness. Just the thought makes me cringe. It’s simple, really, the addition of that little beaded edge. The impact is far from simple, however.  It’s huge, the difference it makes. This is now a magnificent piece that I’m tempted to run right out and purchase!

You know it. This is an “I WANT that” piece.

You also know it. This is a piece that will be desired for generations to come.

What is it about the blending of those solid, even rugged, antique nailheads with the freshness of white that calls to us? How does this juxtaposition bring about a perfect style storm? It leaves us feeling grounded while at the same time whisking away our senses to a place of luxury and delight. It gives us what we most crave, the reassuring anchor of tradition that holds of securely, setting us free to safely fly.

Explore today.  You’ll love it.


Tufted Monroe Chair from Grandin Road

Tufted Monroe Chair from Grandin Road


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