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And the color of the year is…

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 5:21pm | Color


Honeysuckle Pink. This vibrant color emanates life and playful attitude. It provides a lift from the lethargy of a gray and dull winter. Perhaps you don’t love pink. Surely not everyone does. However, when combined with other colors forecasted to be hot for the spring season, colors like blue curacao, beeswax yellow, russet brown and lavender, you can’t deny a palette that screams “Alive!”.

This new spring palette leaves behind the moody colors of the fall and embraces the light and airy feeling of spring. Let’s take a closer look at how honeysuckle pink and this life giving color palette can be used in home decorating in 2011.


Only the very brave will embrace this color palette for an entire room. However, one vibrant wall can transform a room from blah to dynamite, as this picture from Benjamin Moore so clearly shows. The previously non-descript room features one wall painted boldy with the color Royal Flush and now has so much character and huge style statement.

Home Accessories

Painting a wall is still a bit much for the home decorating commitaphobe. However, there is hope for this toe in the water home decorator. It’s that little word we love so much….accessories. Just the sound of that word gets our creative ideas pumping! 

Accessories that embrace this color palette come in many forms, from the 3 hour commitment cocktail napkin from Vera Bradley  to the slightly more committed place mat and rug she offers. Whether you want to dabble for a few hours or several months, home accessories are a delightful and safe way to experiment with color.


Custom Window Shades

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention custom printed window shades. Be it a solid shade or a design with just a splash of this color, you can design a custom PERSONA shade that taps into the 2011 Color Palette. 

Personally, we think that color 0054 is a great match for Honeysuckle pink. Go to our Visualization Tool and check it out for yourself.

Happy Decorating!



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