Ever wish you could have the exact color, pattern, texture or design you really wanted instead of what someone else has selected to be hot this season? Now you can.

Custom Printed Window Treatments

This is the power of the Design Your Own Revolution (D.Y.O.). This is the power of PERSONA shades by Comfortex.

PERSONA Roller, Roman, Panel Track and now Cellular shades allow you to design your own shade and express a style that is uniquely you.

Designing your own shade is simple. Either recolor one of our patterns using our full color palette or submit your own photo, graphic or design and we’ll custom print it for you.

Unique shades, designed by you, custom printed by Comfortex. PERSONA custom printed shades allow you to stop wishing you could find that perfect window treatment and start actually creating it.

Our design or your design, with PERSONA, your only limit is your imagination.

It’s time to ask yourself, What’s your Style PERSONA?


Are there different hardware options available for PERSONA shades?

Yes! PERSONA Roller, Roman, Panel Track and Cellular shades are available with a wide range of hardware options. Simply visit your authorized Comfortex Dealer to see the full range of hardware available for each product type.

Where can I get PERSONA Shades?

PERSONA Shades can be purchased through any authorized Comfortex dealer. Find your local Comfortex dealer by clicking on “Store Locator” on the left hand navigation bar.

What products are available in the PERSONA line

PERSONA shades are available in Roller, Roman, Panel Track and Cellular Shade product options.

How can I order the PERSONA shade I’ve just designed?

Now that you’ve had the fun of designing your unique Persona Shade, simply print out your design and visit your authorized Comfortex Dealer. The dealer will assist you in final steps, such as hardware selection. Be sure you click the "printer" icon after you've designed your shade. This will generate a PDF document showing you the design you've created along with the design number and color numbers you selected.

How do I know the color I see on my computer monitor is accurate?

Your authorized Comfortex dealer will have PERSONA sample books. In these books, you can view actual color swatches. You should always look at physical fabric samples before ordering. Never rely on a computer monitor for color accuracy.

I love the design options I’ve found on personashades.com. Are there more?

We are continually adding new patterns to the PERSONA programs. All of our current designs are posted online. However, if you don't find what you love, create something truly custom through our PERSONA Custom Graphics Program.

I love the design I’ve created! Can I get fabric for accent pieces?

Yes. You may order cut fabric for accent pieces through our PERSONA Roller & Roman Shade program. Simply visit your authorized Comfortex dealer.

I love PERSONA shades, but I’m a little confused. Is there someone who can help me?

Yes! Simply visit your authorized Comfortex dealer to go through the customization process in person.

Why do the color palettes change as I select different designs?

Each pattern is unique. Some have only a single design element that can be re-colored. Some are complex, multidimensional textures to which you can even add a border. The available color palettes reflect the choices open to you for a given design.